Chicago Bears: Myths about the Mitch Trubisky, Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace triangle

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“Ryan Pace cannot get out of his own way and makes awful decisions all the time. Moving up one spot for Trubiksy should instantly have Pace fired now”

The Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace is still getting a lot of heat. I get it — he traded up for Mitch Trubisy and drafted him over Deshaun Watson, who I pegged for the draft pick and Patrick Mahomes. Ryan Pace has stated that he will draft a quarterback every year since being the Chicago Bears general manager.

You know what he has done though, not reached on a quarterback since Trubisky. So many Chicago Bears fans are stuck, just like the Chicago Bears have been. They are both stuck on the quarterback position. I would hear it all the time if Ryan Pace had only done this and done that.

I tell you what, what could you have done better? Would you have traded for Khalil Mack? How about signing Akeim Hicks? Would Eddie Jackson be on this team if you called the shots? Would you have had the foresight to bring in Germain Ifedi, who has arguably been the best blocker on the team in his short tenure?

Most would have given up on Bobbie Massie already. Ryan Pace has missed on the quarterback, this is true. The sooner you accept that and move on, the better you will feel. The more you stay stuck in the past, the worse you will feel going forward. I tell you something I am happy about with Ryan Pace and Mitch Trubisky. He did not pay the kid.

Most fans are stuck on their own teams and don’t see what is going on around the league. While it is way too early to compare, I am going to do it anyway. Carson Wentz (another number two overall selection) has passed for 737 yards, three touchdowns, and six interceptions. Mitch Trubisky has 560 yards, six touchdowns, and three interceptions.

My concern isn’t the stats alone; its the paychecks. Pace knew Trubisky did not earn his fifth-year option. Nick Foles earned Wentz his $107 million guaranteed contract. Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. Ryan  Pace may have missed, but he didn’t make it worse by assuming Trubisky would be his 2018 self every year.