Chicago Bears: 3 Free agent running backs to consider signing to replace Tarik Cohen

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The Chicago Bears lost Tarik Cohen in Week 3 and will need to replace him

The Chicago Bears are one of only seven teams that is still undefeated. When you look at the other teams on the list, the Bears are clearly the weakest link. Guess what? That does not matter. Teams can only play the schedule they are dealt. Even an ugly win in the NFL is still a win. If the Bears only go .500 the rest of the way they will see a 9-7 record. Needless to say, the fact the team is still undefeated is pretty impressive — especially with how the three games played out.

Despite no losses in the record column through the first three weeks, the Chicago Bears suffered a significant loss in Week 3 when Tarik Cohen went down with a knee injury. It was confirmed the next day that he tore his ACL.

Some might also say that the Bears lost Mitch Trubisky on Sunday as he was benched for Nick Foles. That loss could be viewed as a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you view the quarterback position. The thing is, all that matters is the Bears keep finding ways to win. Then the hope is the team continues to build and find its way into becoming a consistent contender on both offense and defense.

Tarik Cohen had seen his snap percentage decrease this season. This is telling since he just signed a contract extension. Throughout the first three weeks, Cohen had only played on 36 percent of the Chicago Bears offensive snaps. He has not seen that low of snaps since his rookie season. Now, it is possible his snap count could have increased, but that’s not happening now with his knee injury. Instead, the Bears will need to find a replacement Cohen’s snaps.

As of right now, the Bears are claiming they are confident they’ll be able to stay in-house to take Tarik Cohen’s snaps. Does this mean the team will lean more on Cordarrelle Patterson? Will Ryan Nall find his way into the lineup more often? What if instead, the team activates Riley Ridley and they actually use wide receivers to play Cohen’s receiver role instead? The other option is activating Artavis Pierce who the team protected on its practice squad.

That said, what if the team decides to go outside of its house? Here are a few running backs that the team should consider signing if Patterson, Nall and any of the wide receivers seem to fall short on what the Chicago Bears need from Cohen’s replacements.