Chicago Bears: Did the switch to Nick Foles affect the NFL Power rankings?

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears NBC Sports / Adam Hoge ranking – 13

I had to do this. I love the idea of bringing in a more local presence to this discussion. Although the national media outlets may seem in line with Adam Hoge’s NBC Sports Chicago rankings, if we look back at last week, Hoge’s ranking of 15th heading into the Falcons game is about where I would have put the team. Seeing that he had the Chicago Bears ranked in a spot I agree with, I have to believe the national bias towards the Bears has been in play.

Maybe it just took three weeks for the likes of ESPN, CBS and to realize the Bears are better than they thought. Maybe because the team is undefeated the national analysts felt it was required to move them up in the rankings. Either way, Hoge got it right sooner and well, I like where he has other teams (except the Colts) as well.

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Unfortunately, Hoge has the Colts ranked 10th, which means he should be predicting a Chicago Bears loss. That’s a little upsetting. He has the Browns ranked 17th, which is the same as, but the fact Hoge has the Bears four spots higher versus having the Bears only two spots higher makes a big difference to me. That said, do we really care? Obviously, we care even if these rankings mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.