Chicago Bears: College players to watch for the 2021 NFL Draft

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The Chicago Bears changed strategy

I planned to get more of these out a month to keep the draft guys like myself happy, but I needed to pause since many of the college programs decided to cancel or postpone their season. Now that Matt Nagy has put his foot down on the quarterback situation, the Chicago Bears draft strategy has changed.

Matt Nagy has made it clear that he wants a processor at the quarterback position. He does not care if the quarterback is athletic, while he understands that is a bonus. Having an athletic quarterback in this system does not take priority in processing the field.

Just imagine if Peyton Manning was at the helm of this offense. Ok, enough of that. I will focus mostly on quarterbacks because of the Nick Foles contract that can be opt-ed with concrete production at the end of the year. Running back because the Chicago Bears potentially lose out on Cordarrelle Patterson who is in the final year of his contract with the Bears. Lastly, linebackers because that might be the strength of the draft next season.

Stay tuned in to what comes next in this draft series. I do not see the Chicago Bears using a first-round draft selection on the quarterback position just yet. If Nick Foles stays on point and runs this offense the way it is supposed to be run, I believe Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy will lock Foles up for the next three seasons with a more lucrative contract.

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They will find someone in day two who can sit behind Foles and learn from him. The Chicago Bears have invested too much in veteran players to draft for the future a lot next offseason. I expect to see a more ready to go prospect drafted in the first round next season.