Chicago Bears: Must-watch college quarterbacks before 2021 Draft

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Chicago Bears, K.J. Costello
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The Chicago Bears baby Foles

Going the opposite route, KJ Costello is big and recently had a game of games against the National Champions. Costello, like King, transferred colleges this season. A lot of player movent has been going on this season due to COVID-19 and playing time.

If there is a year to transfer, it is this year. While some players are getting their tape in, other players are training for the NFL combine. Costello this year reminds me a lot of Nick Foles. You will see him stay in the pocket and deliver stricks with a man coming downhill, ready to hit him.

Costello lacks that zip on the ball that Nick Foles lacks, but he puts a nice touch on his passes and accurately delivers them. Costello might be the type people would have to worry about when it comes to durability.

Last season, Costello (Stanford) suffered a concussion during the opening game and then hurt his thumb later. He was projected to have a breakout season but was never able to get into a rhythm. Costello is listed at 6-5 225 pounds. He made JJ Arcega -Whiteside look like a beast. The Philadelphia Eagles drafted JJAW with the 57th overall selection.

The hardest thing to do is determine if the quarterback or the receiver did most of the college work. Costello would place balls correctly in the spot to which only his receivers could catch the pass. If you think it was the receivers at Stanford, guess again.

Last season his teammates at Mississippi State Osirus Mitchell caught 29 passes for 430 yards. Currently, Mitchell already has seven catches for 183 yards.  I could be over hyping Costello, but while NFL teams are looking at Lawerence, Lance, and Fields, other quarterbacks like Costello could be taken later in the Bears draft and built up slowly with no pressure.

The last few things to add about Costello are he is solid against zone coverage. He reads the field very well. I can not stress enough how my pro comparison for him is Nick Foles. Just imagine Foles training baby Foles for the future. That is a win-win situation in my book.