Chicago Bears: Must-watch college quarterbacks before 2021 Draft

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I did not save the best for last. Remember when I said, which is it, the receivers or the quarterback? Well, we still don’t know for Brock Purdy. If the Chicago Bears want to wait until later in the draft, they could be keeping an eye on a guy they already know.

The Chicago Bears have been down the Iowa State train before, and they like it. Grabbing David Montgomery’s college teammate might be something they consider. Brock Purdy is listed at 6’1 212 pounds. He is undersized like King but nowhere near as dynamic as an athlete.

To me, so far, Brock Purdy should stay in college for one more season, but he might have his best chance to get drafted this season. Purdy, Jake Fromm, and Chase Daniel, to me, are all the same. They use their intelligence to win games and play efficiently. Purdy has excellent footwork, unlike Mitch Trubisky. That part is something. Shorter pocket passing styled quarterbacks need to have. Ball placement accuracy is something else those quarterbacks have in common.

Purdy is mobile but not overly fast. The thing Purdy would need to learn in the Matt Nagy system is the playbook and timing. Purdy has enough arm strength to make all the throws. He has had a rocky start to the college season so far and has not won as many guys as the other quarterbacks I listed in this article.

The focus for Iowa State has not been on the offensive side of the ball.  Many of the winning percentages for Iowa State is very comparable to Texas Tech’s offense under Patrick Mahomes.

If Brock Purdy threw the ball more, we could very well see him in the 4,500-yard passing range a season. Here is where I lose you—Mahomes average 8.3 yards per attempt in college.  With 573 and 591 passing attempts his last two seasons in college, he hit 4,600 and 5,000 passing yards. Purdy has never thrown the ball that much. 475 passing attempts were the most he has hit.

I am not comparing Mahomes’ arm talent to Purdy, just emphasizing that this kid likes throwing downfield a lot more than the other quarterbacks I have discussed. Purdy is short, but when you talk touchdown to check down mentality, he has been touchdown more than the rest of the competition. I’ll call him Air-Purdy for now.

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I guess I was saving the best for last because I have so much I can say about Purdy. Footwork, anticipation, and the willingness to stay in the pocket and read the coverage. It all sounds terrific. Mind you, and this is just a prospect. Don’t let his size fool you or the record of Iowa State. Purdy brings it.