Chicago Bears: Can this team improve before the trade deadline?

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /
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Will the Chicago Bears be able to improve their team before the trade deadline?

The Chicago Bears suffered a tough loss in Week 4 to the Indianapolis Colts. After that game, it might be time to start asking questions about if this team can improve. There are some clear holes on this roster, including left tackle, wide receiver, and on the defensive line. The trade deadline is lurking around after Week 8, meaning the Bears have up until then to make any moves to improve the team.

The Bears are 3-1 after the first quarter of the season has finished. There are some great takeaways so far. Jaylon Johnson has looked great so far to start his career. Jimmy Graham is playing up to his contract. Roquan Smith is a certified stud set to anchor this defense for years to come.

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Still, the same questions exist. Who is the best fit at quarterback? When is Anthony Miller going to make that next jump? Why does the offensive line not play with consistency? These are all going to be questions that the front office thinks about when considering making a trade.

The next couple of weeks are going to determine if this team starts to sell or goes all in for a chance at a Super Bowl. The Bears have a Super Bowl caliber defense, even though they have not been as dominant this year. The offense is a whole different story. It does not look much different than last year, and it has become problematic for the defense, as they are on the field way too much. Hopefully, Nick Foles can get more comfortable as he gets more experience in this offense, and they can start to play better. For now, one cannot help but think about some trades that could be made.

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The problem is, will the Bears be able to improve the team? The only assets that have any value on the market would be either draft picks or their best players. Plus, their main positions of need are positions that are difficult to improve considering the players who could be traded.

As hard as it is to say, this team might be stuck with the players it has right now. The only thing that could be done is adding players through free agency (cough, cough, Damon Harrison). The front office cannot trade anymore high draft picks, considering they have not had a first-round pick for two years. Also, this team does not have the cap space to take on a big contract.

All of this means that the players are going to have to simply play better. Charles Leno Jr. is going to have to step up if the Bears have any hope of better pass protection. Anthony Miller needs to start catching the football in big situations and find his consistency as the number two receiver before he loses his spot to rising stud Darnell Mooney.

Danny Trevathan is going to have to play better, as he has not looked like his usual self to start the season. The Bears are going to have to bet on their players to improve. Younger players are going to have to take the next step and start to develop faster, and veterans are going to have to play at a higher level. Names like Robert Quinn, Kyle Fuller, and Eddie Jackson are going to have to be elite on the defensive side of the ball in order for this team to have a shot at the playoffs.

This sounds like a lot of asks, and some might say that every team wants all of their players to improve, so what makes this situation different? Well, considering the Bears’ lack of assets, cap space, and tradable players, this team needs all it can get from its core players, and this will make it easier for the coaches and front office.

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Let’s hope guys like Miller, Quinn, and Fuller can shake off their slow starts and start playing at a high level again. This team has so much fight in them, and they have the talent to be a contender. Making a big trade is near impossible for the Bears, so they can only rely on some possible free-agent signings and improvement on both sides of the ball.