Chicago Bears: 4 Biggest surprises through first four games

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The Chicago Bears pass rush has been nearly non-existent

Not all surprises are positive. This surprise is negative and very frustrating. Through four games, the Chicago Bears are averaging only two sacks per game. That number is tied for 18th in the NFL. This is not good enough. Although it is early in the season, this pass rush was supposed to be dominant. That is why Robert Quinn was brought in. Quinn missed the first game but had a sack in game two. However, he has yet to reach the quarterback again since. He must do better.

One of the biggest problems though is how bad the defense has been versus the run. As a whole, the Chicago Bears have the seventh-best defense in the NFL according to Defensive DVOA. Versus the run, the Bears are only 16th though. When you look at it per carry, the Bears defense is allowing 4.25 yards per attempt. That is not good enough and directly impacts the pass rush since opponents are not seeing as many second and/or third and longs.

When the defense is going up against an offense in a typical passing situation, the defense will usually have better luck getting to the quarterback. If the Chicago Bears cannot shore up their run defense, it will continue to be more difficult for Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks and Quinn to rack up sacks. That said, Mack and Quinn need to do better. The team as a whole has eight sacks. Mack only has 1.5 of those and Quinn only one. Only Hicks has been dominant with 3.5 of the eight.

We should note that all it takes is looking at the photo of Mack being held to understand partly why he has fewer sacks right now this season. The league has a problem with refs not calling these blatant holding penalties.