Chicago Bears: Oh Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy what to do?

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The scheme and offensive genius is broken

The Chicago Bears were struggling last season against the Philip Rivers led Chargers, so Nagy made a bold change. Nagy put a fullback on the field and ran some power plays up the middle. That shift in philosophy turned into a one-point loss on a missed field goal.

The entire game plan would shift from power football to a shotgun heavy attack. David Montgomery had 27 carries for 135 yards and a score. I get it, Nagy wasn’t brought here to run the I-formation. How many times have, I said that? He was brought here to produce, though.

Nagy still sees a 3-yard run as a negative play. Football does not need to be a game of splash plays and clever schemes that catch teams off guard. Nagy should be able to yell to the defense that we will run the ball right now, and you are not going to stop us from getting the first down. Rivers talked a lot of smack to Roquan Smith this past game, and Smith should feel embarrassed. That is a veteran player sharing how you can’t stop my player. This is how Nagy should be.

Nagy proved that his new tight end room is ready. I almost wish he would throw out all of his shotgun plays and force himself to run them. That would be bad football. If Ryan Pace did fail on anything, it was hiring a coach who is yet to learn to change. Change is good. If Matt Nagy does not produce this season, it is time for Ryan Pace to go.

I know most of you will say its been time. However, it isn’t just yet. Nagy needs a long sit down with himself and understands that an offensive line needs to set the tone by hitting someone. Pass protection does not do that. Get under the center, get a fullback in the game and pound the defense until the will goes out of their eyes. Then use that creative scheme to pass the ball.