Chicago Bears: 6 Trades Ryan Pace must consider for playoff push

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Chicago Bears, DeVante Parker
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This one might catch some of you off guard, but I absolutely love it if the Miami Dolphins are willing to move on from DeVante Parker. Parker finally lived up to his potential last season. He has looked solid again in 2020. This was a few years too late though and maybe the Dolphins will be willing to part ways.

I am a big Anthony Miller fan, but just like Parker, Miller has yet to live up to expectations. His snap percentage has decreased to only 50% this season. He has made some unbelievable catches — even game-winning catches. Receivers cost more in terms of draft capital than offensive linemen.

Many of you might scoff at the idea of giving up Miller and a third-round pick, but pairing Parker with Allen Robinson could be what this team needs. Then Darnell Mooney can thrive as the third receiver out of the slot, or even out wide in certain formations. I am not keen on giving up anything greater than a fourth-round pick, but if the team wants to improve and build on its 4-1 start, this could be a creative way of doing it.