Will Rasul Douglas shadow Chicago Bears WR Allen Robinson?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /

The Panthers may follow the Chicago Bears WRs with specific cornerbacks

While many teams, like the Chicago Bears, keep their cornerbacks on sides, others tend to have specific cornerbacks who may follow certain players. For the Carolina Panthers, they seem to have two different styles of cornerbacks, and they match up each one against the more similar player.

For example, Donte Jackson and Rasul Douglas have been their two primary cornerbacks for three games in which Jackson has been healthy. Jackson stands 5’10”, 178 pounds, and ran a 4.32 at the combine. Douglas stands 6’2″, 209 pounds, and ran a 4.59 40-yard dash. It is not hard to figure out how they wish to deploy these two.

Quick, fast, and short gets Jackson, and Douglas gets the bigger players. Against the Tampa Bay Bucs, Mike Evans saw Douglas while Scott Miller spent most of his day on Jackson. In Week three, Donte Jackson saw the shifty Keenan Allen more often, while Douglas faced Jaylen Guyton. Then in week four, Douglas saw the tall and physical DeAndre Hopkins, while Jackson faced off with the quick and smaller Christian Kirk.

Jackson was taken out of week five early, but it is clear what they want to have happened when both are healthy. With that in mind, it should not take long for Bears fans to recognize who should play who if Jackson is healthy.

Jackson will take on Mooney as two speedsters can race all day. That leaves Douglas, who was released by the Eagles a couple of months ago against Robinson.

To be fair to Douglas, Hopkins had his worst game against him, and the Bucs had to move Mike Evans around to get him free. Douglas has found new life in this defensive scheme.

Still, for Allen Robinson, this is a game where he must capitalize on a slower, more upright cornerback. Robinson struggled against James Bradberry, but after Bradberry shut down Amari Cooper, it looked more normalized than an issue. Robinson bounced back against Carlton Davis, who came in just as hot as Douglas, if not hotter.

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Still, Douglas is a physical cornerback, and that has been an issue with Robinson. Bradberry is not alone as Darqueze Dennard ripped a pick from him, and while it will not show up in the stat sheet, a lost catch against Davis resulted in a pick as well. Robinson has to beat Douglas off of the ball, but it would be nice to see the physical Douglas lose a battle to Robinson as well.