Chicago Bears: Teams that should have interest in a Mitch Trubisky trade

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Colts could use the help of the Chicago Bears backup quarterback

Unlike the New England Patriots, the Indianapolis Colts could use some help at quarterback sooner than 2021. With Mitch Trubisky’s current situation, his next contract should come relatively cheap in comparison to quarterbacks with his starting success. This could be something that intrigues other teams. By bringing in a guy like Trubisky, they could have a place-holding quarterback with winning experience and still draft his replacement in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Right now, the Colts have a strong defense, but Philip Rivers is starting to become a liability. It seems he does not have the arm strength that he once had yet he keeps throwing passes as if he still thinks he can make certain throws. The team is currently 4-2 on the year including a win over the Chicago Bears. However, I am not sure how long the Colts can rely on Rivers.

Going into Week 6, Rivers had thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. Even after a three-touchdown performance in Week 6 versus the Bengals, Rivers has seven touchdowns to six interceptions on the year. If there is one thing about Mitch Trubisky that coaches should like, it is his ability to protect the football. Since his rookie season, Trubisky averages nearly two touchdowns to every interception. He should also have more time behind the Colts’ offensive line.

The team has a decent quarterback room already with Jacoby Brissett and rookie Jacob Eason, but clearly, there was something about Brissett the team does not like despite his solid 2019 performance. Brissett will come off the books in 2021 and it’s possible the Colts look to move forward with their rookie Jacob Eason. Mitch Trubisky could be slotted in as either the starter or if Eason proves himself quickly, Trubisky could be the Colts’ backup. Would they send a fifth-rounder?