Chicago Bears: 9 Observations heading into the toughest stretch of the schedule

Chicago Bears (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /
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Nine observations of the Chicago Bears season as the team heads into Week 7

1. Will Nagy give more than he takes?

The most important question of the Chicago Bears 2020 season is, will Coach Nagy give more than he takes? Starting their season at 5-1 is pretty solid evidence that so far Nagy has done more to help than hurt his team. There is no tangible way to measure the “Nagy effect” outside of wins and losses.

For those who insist the Chicago Bears should have lost two games, they may as well also say the power of the human spirit is less important than luck. The Bears willed, and at times muddled, their way to an improbable 5-1 record. For this, they should be applauded. It is also appropriate to add some pointed constructive criticism to this praise. It is pretty obvious they could have done a number of things differently to have made these five victories easier on themselves and easier on their fans.

2. Winning ugly is still winning

The more fans and media underestimate the power of the Chicago Bears’ team chemistry, the more these negative vibes seem to fuel Bears’ victories. Nick Foles‘ epic press conference following their win against the Panthers in Carolina is strong evidence that this is in play. Foles was fiery in his presser and gave many good reasons for fans and media to believe in his team.

The line that sums up his defiant attitude toward those dissing the way the Bears are winning games was, “We’d rather win ugly than lose pretty.” The Chicago Bears roller coaster offense is dragging the team into ugly territory. Chicago had another “winning ugly” team in 1983 on the Southside. The winning-ugly White Sox went to the playoffs.

Maybe a piece of Chicago sports history will be repeated in Soldier Field and Halas Hall in 2020. Be forewarned Bears, the White Sox only scored 3 runs in 5 games to lose their playoff series. From what we have seen so far it is entirely possible the Bears offense in 2020, much like the White Sox offense in 1983, could bring a Bears postseason to an early end.