Chicago Bears: Did Nick Foles throw Matt Nagy under the bus?

Chicago Bears - Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports /

It came out that Nick Foles called out Matt Nagy on his play-calling, was he throwing shade at the Chicago Bears head coach?

During the Chicago Bears loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Monday night, announcer Brian Griese said Nick Foles had some comments about Matt Nagy’s play-calling as a head coach.

Foles complaining about not having enough time to make the designed throws is not surprising, and it was in full display against the Rams. It seemed like every passing play Foles was either being hit, forced to throw the ball early, or had to throw the ball away.

This takes away any chances of a big play, as well as puts Foles at risk for injury. The question is did Nick Foles mean to take a shot at Nagy here, or was he just saying that the play does not always work out the way it is called?

Who is truly at fault for the Chicago Bears woes?

Even in the Bears wins over the last couple of weeks, Nick Foles has seemed displeased and tired of being hit every play. Both tackles have been getting torched by edge rushers, and against the Rams, the interior of the line was non-existent against Aaron Donald and company. It seems every game Foles is just as frustrated as the fans are because clearly, the game-plan is not working out the way it is supposed to.

I see it as Foles saying that no matter what play is called, he does not have the time to make the deeper read. It seems the Bears can only move the ball when throwing check-downs or barely over ten yards. Foles gets frustrated because Nagy is calling plays for deep shots, but Foles does not have the time to make those throws accurately due to the consistent pressure in his face.

It is not all Nagy’s fault, because even with double teams and tight ends being used to help, pressure is still getting through. This offensive line needs improvement, which will allow Matt Nagy to work with his other coaches to dial-up better protection for Foles. If they can’t, one of these days it is going to be a lot worse than a missed opportunity on a deep throw, because Foles can only take so many shots before he gets hurt.

At the end of the day, though, there is no doubt Matt Nagy needs to pass on play-calling duties for this offense to have any chance for improvement.

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Even if Nick Foles did not intend to throw shade at Matt Nagy, he is clearly fed up with the horrible pass protection on this team — not to mention the even worse run blocking. All I can say is I would have said the same thing if I was in Nick Foles’ situation.