Chicago Bears: 8 Observations after Week 7 loss to the Rams

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /
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Trubisky’s mobility looks to have helped the deficiencies in the offensive line

It has become quite evident that Mitch Trubisky’s mobility was a big equalizer to the Bears deficiencies in their offensive line. The same can be said about Nagy’s playcalling as the longest play from scrimmage is still Trubisky’s unplanned 45 yard run.

After losing James Daniels, if the offensive line does not make a big improvement soon, Nagy will have to at least consider going back to Trubisky at some point. If I was Nagy I would look to find the most compelling reason to start Foles and the most compelling reason to start Trubisky. Then weigh both factors in my mind and whichever weighs more go with that quarterback.

Here is what I believe are these two compelling factors. As Allen Robinson said in a press conference what Foles does better than Trubisky is making pre-snap reads at the line of scrimmage. Is Foles’ ability to better read defenses more important than Trubisky’s ability with his legs to make a good play out of a busted play? Then you filter this through how badly the offensive line is playing and you have your decision. I believe you could argue both sides of this, effectively.

At this point I would stick with Foles but not for long if there are more awful games like the Rams game.