Chicago Bears: 8 Observations after Week 7 loss to the Rams

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The Chicago Bears might need to shake up the offensive line grouping

Maybe the best way to improve the Bears offensive line is to make a big shakeup of who plays where. Nagy likes to think outside the box. This would be risky but drastic times can call for drastic measures. So how about this new offensive line lineup.

LT Jason Spriggs
LG Alex Bars
C   Cody Whitehair (Mustipher if Whitehair can’t play)
LG Germain Ifedi
RT Rashaad Coward

Now before the Coward haters lose their minds over this idea, here are some reasons to try this. Coward has been groomed to be their future right tackle. Tom Thayer, the former Bears guard and current radio voice of the Chicago Bears has been a big supporter of Coward. So far, Coward has been tried at positions he has not had much if any training or experience at. It is possible at right tackle he can show some real value to the Bears.

There is another compelling reason to sit Massie. Both Leno and Massie with their big contracts have all too often lacked effort. Many times I have seen them on tape standing around or reacting very slowly to what is happening around them. It is possible their big contracts have made these guys complacent. There is plenty of evidence to believe this is true.

Sitting both starting tackles, especially during this crisis on the offensive line, could possibly motivate the entire line to up their game. It is a gamble, but the situation is dire. Ditka was a master at motivating players by sitting veterans or threatening to sit veterans. At this low point in the offensive line’s performance, why not try a motivational tactic that has some real juice behind it?

Lastly, a reason to try Alex Bars at left guard is if Whitehair has to sit for awhile because of injury Bars and Sam Mustipher both played together and next to each other on Notre Dame’s oline. The Bears could then take advantage of their familiarity with each other as the offensive line goes through some big changes.

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Even though I believe these are some good reasons to make these drastic moves, it is not Coach Nagy’s style to play the heavy with his players. To my understanding he is, typically, reluctant to hold his players accountable in dramatic fashion.  So the odds of any of this happening are pretty slim.