Nine quarterbacks who could be the Chicago Bears starter in 2021

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Chicago Bears struggled again with Nick Foles, here are nine options of quarterbacks who could start in 2021

Here we are in 2020 and the Chicago Bears have literally one (maybe two) quarterback to hang their hat on over the franchise’s 100-plus year history. That one quarterback was Sid Luckman and played before I was even thought of. Now, as FanSided releases our FanSided2030 site (an inside look at what sports might look like in 10 years), I have to wonder who will not only be the quarterback for this team in 2021 but also 10 years from now.

Some think Jim McMahon was a great quarterback. I think he was a good quarterback who brought more to the team than his ability to play the position, but he was not a great quarterback. Will the team ever find a franchise quarterback? The Mitch Trubisky experiment looks to have failed. Now the team is struggling with Nick Foles under center too. What will it take to find a quarterback who can man the position for 10-plus years?

In an effort to try and look into the future, we take a look at some of the options who could be playing quarterback for the Chicago Bears in 2021 (and hopefully beyond in some cases). There are some veterans and rookies on the list. However, you will not see Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields. With a 5-2 record and a dominating defense, this team will not have a shot at a top-10 pick.