Chicago Bears: 3 Moves to guarantee a playoff run

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Matt Nagy can no longer be the Chicago Bears play-caller

It is clear that this offense has not been able to function properly under head coach Matt Nagy, who has been calling plays since he got here in 2018. I am not taking anything away from him as a coach, as he seems to have implemented a strong culture in the locker room, besides this week against the Saints.

He just has not been able to utilize the talent he has on offense due to his poor play-calling. His plays have been predictable, and when he does get tricky, it is usually at the wrong time. After the Week 7 loss to the Rams, Nagy addressed the idea of changing play-callers, but he stayed firm with him at the helm.

After back-to-back losses, the Bears should seriously consider changing the play-caller. There are some great offensive minds on this coaching staff, with names like John DeFilippo and Bill Lazor. Both are more than capable of calling the shots on offense, and both are also familiar with Nick Foles. Maybe they would be able to figure something out that Matt Nagy could not.

Matt Nagy is almost in a sort of Mitchell Trubisky situation. He has been given plenty of opportunities to show improvement, but instead, he has shown regression in his play-calling abilities. The offense has not improved after the switch to Nick Foles, and that goes hand-in-hand with Nagy’s inability to call the right plays.

It is time for the Bears to switch their play-caller, and this could hopefully provide the Bears with an improved offense as they push towards a playoff berth.