Chicago Bears: 3 Potential trade targets with the Bengals

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Micheal Jordan
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With the injuries to the offensive line, maybe the Bengals will give up a guard?

The Chicago Bears signed a former Bengals offensive tackle to the team a few years back in Bobby Massie. Now, Massie is dealing with an injury and the Chicago Bears could use some extra help on the offensive line.

Let’s face it, the Bears offensive line was in shambles before Massie went down. In fact, it seems that the line performed better without Bobby Massie anyway. The Bengals recently added a lineman that I had hoped the Bears would sign in Quentin Spain. It sounds like the Bengals are giving up on their 2019 fourth-round draft pick, Michael Jordan. I wonder if they would be willing to trade him for cheap?

Jordan is a guard and who wouldn’t want another Michael Jordan in Chicago? This might be a longshot, but I would still inquire if I was Ryan Pace. In fact, if I am Pace, I am calling all 31 other teams and asking about offensive linemen. Who knows what he might be able to uncover. Maybe the Bears can get Jordan included in a trade with A.J. Green or the next trade target. I’d even throw them Anthony Miller back in the deal if needed.