Chicago Bears: 4 Players Ryan Pace could sell at trade deadline

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy
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The Chicago Bears do not seem to be buyers, so why not sellers?

We are literally less than two hours away from the NFL trade deadline and the rumors floating around the Chicago Bears are silent. As a fan of this team, that is frustrating. The defense is a Super Bowl caliber defense, but the offense is indescribable.

On the surface, it seems this team has plenty of talent — even on the offensive side of the ball. Whether it is Allen Robinson as the top wide receiver or Jimmy Graham upgrading the tight end position, this offense should be able to score more than three points in a game.

Many believe the issue lies with the offensive line. While the offensive line has been a problem, there seem to be other issues taking place with this offense. Matt Nagy himself gets in his own way at times with his play calling, and then we have guys who just do not seem consistently interested in playing or disciplined.

The likelihood of Ryan Pace selling off assets right now is slim, and honestly, I do not want him to. I would prefer they call the Patriots and trade for a guy like Joe Thuney or call the Giants and bring in Kevin Zeitler. These are moves I would be looking to make with this current team as the offensive line could be partially fixed with a move or two. The problem is, it seems the Bears are not making any moves at all through trades. That does not sound like the Ryan Pace we know.

Does this mean that Pace has been handcuffed by the organization from making a major splash this year? Does this mean that the organization is concerned about the lost revenue due to COVID-19? Without being a fly on the wall during these conversations, all we can do is speculate. Right now, I am speculating that Pace does not have control to make moves when it comes to major trades or the spending of the salary cap.

Therefore, this team will continue to be nothing but a slightly above average football team that could or could not make the playoffs. This team is clearly not a Super Bowl contender as is. If the Bears are not willing to make a move, then why not sell and look to the future? Should they choose to go this route (they won’t), here are four players the team should look to sell at the 2020 NFL trade deadline.