Chicago Bears: 3 Overreactions after Week 8 loss vs. Saints

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The Chicago Bears lost their Week 8 game against the Saints. Now what?

The Chicago Bears technically showed up to play on Sunday, but if you watched the game you’ll know that they were ghosts of themselves out on the field. For the majority of the game, it never seemed like the Bears were the better team. A win would have been dishonest, really.

But that’s now how the game started. In fact, up until a certain point Matt Nagy’s team actually looked like they were ready to play. They were up 13-3 early with their foot on the gas. But just when you thought they were going to run away with it, the offense had a sad drive followed by a Saints touchdown before the half.

But this was only the start. The real turning point of this game came when Javon Wims forgot that he was on a football field, mistaking Soldier Field with a UFC stadium. For an unexplained reason, Wims seemingly ripped off C.J. Gardner-Johnson’s mouthguard and started throwing punches after the play finished on the other side of the field.  He did this in retaliation to Gardner-Johnson ripping off his own mouth guard shortly prior, but no matter the reason, it’s a really bad look for Chicago.

From there, the Bears looked nonchalant on defense and just flat out bad on offense. Somehow, they’d keep the game close and take it to overtime. But after a single overtime quarter where the entire team looked uninspired, the Saints found themselves in a good enough position to kick an easy field goal and win the game.

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