Three college quarterbacks the Chicago Bears should look to draft early

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The Chicago Bears need to draft a quarterback in 2021

Regardless of how the season ends in 2020 for the Chicago Bears, they need to address the quarterback position. Even if Nick Foles was playing at a high level, the Bears should still draft a quarterback to study under him. At this point though, Foles is playing poorly and the Bears need to draft somebody to take over for him eventually.

The Bears expected Trubisky to be their future when they selected him in 2017, they now need to try and take a gamble at the quarterback position again. The Bears obviously won’t be in a position to draft either Trevor Lawerence or Justin Fields barring an enormous trade up, which they better not do. That doesn’t mean that the Bears can’t address the position.

As the college season has gone on, the quarterback position for the 2021 NFL Draft has gotten deeper and deeper. Some players have steadily improved their draft stock as some have additionally come out of nowhere.

Even outside of building a quarterback of the future, Trubisky is gone next season leaving the Bears without a backup quarterback. The Bears need a backup for Foles regardless and can address this in the draft while additionally grooming the rookie to take over the following year.

As the Bears currently sit at 5-3, it is hard to tell where they will draft in the 2021 NFL Draft. If the season ended today, the Bears would be picking around the middle of the first round — near pick 16. There are some players they can target in the first round as well as the rounds remaining with that draft pick.