3 reasons Matt Nagy is not on hot seat

Chicago Bears (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images) /
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1. Working with what he has

The more apt argument for Chicago Bears fans is that Ryan Pace may be on a hot seat. With that, does ownership tell their new GM that they have to keep Nagy, or is that on the new GM to decide? In that case, you could argue Nagy is in trouble. That is not really on Nagy, though.

Nagy did not draft Mitch Trubisky. Yes, Nagy had a huge hand in bringing in Nick Foles, and that is going to be a ding on Nagy if things do not turn around. Still, as we have watched Andy Dalton and Cam Newton play out as well, it was starting to look like a pick your poison scenario.

Beyond that, Nagy is not the one who signed Robert Quinn and traded equity for Foles as an all-in type of offseason. The reason those moves were made was to fix poor drafts of years past. Nagy did not mishandle the offensive line year in and year out. Nagy did not trade pick after pick until the Bears had no depth.

The Bears are in this spot because of a consistent nature to double down by Ryan Pace. At times the aggressiveness works. However, when Alex Bars make his first career start at center and the offensive line falls apart you can only blame Nagy for so much.

Again, Nagy absolutely deserves blame. Pressure needs to be on Nagy, and it is likely coming from Ryan Pace who feels it himself. However, firing Matt Nagy accomplishes nothing. It opens the door to be the frantic franchise who falls back into the cellar for years. Patience wins in the NFL time and time again. Look at the Pittsburgh Steelers. They never panic, they trust their process, and they do not make brash emotional moves.

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If the Bears lose out, Nagy will still be above .500 as a coach. That would put 2021 as a make or break year, though. Still, the Bears will not lose out, as bad as things seem. Matt Nagy has done enough in Chicago to earn the time to iron out his issues.