Chicago Bears: Why the fan base should relax a bit on firing people

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The Chicago Bears offensive line

Robert Schmidt goes into detail about worse offensives lines like the Bengals, Chargers, and Seahawks who have great offensive production. The excuse that the offensive line and Ryan Pace neglecting it is a cheap one. According to football outside, the Chicago Bears run blocking rank is 21st, and the pass blocking rank is 17th.

While that isn’t in the top 10, the run blocks rank in the bottom 10 (at 10). What are the excuses for offensive production from these teams that rank worse? The Bills, Texans, Dolphins, and Bengals. Sure, most of those teams have worse records, but their offensive production is very high.

The Rams are the only team with a top-three rank in both passing and blocking yet only sit one loss better than the Chicago Bears. Fans can freak out all they want, but the facts are there. It is not the offensive line that is the main purpose for the Bears failures, and it is not the players Ryan Pace put out there to play.

If you want to blame Ryan Pace for hiring Matt Nagy and drafting Trubisky, I support that. Those are two massive misses. However, If Matt Nagy finally takes on the head coach’s role and allows Bill Lazor to call plays, maybe he can be saved.

The vision for Chicago Bears success is clear. Play excellent defense, use the quarterback to make the proper reads, use their athleticism (in the run game) when needed, and control the field. Many might think, isn’t’ that every team gameplan? No, not to the slightest degree. But that is a topic for a different day. Ryan Pace’s future and ability to get one more shot at drafting a quarterback relies on Matt Nagy, letting go of his pride and giving up play-calling duties. I won’t hold my breath on that.

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But a smart man would take control of this team and do what is best for this team. Currently, that is not happening. Stay tuned for more draft content coming soon. I am excited about this crop of potential quarterbacks. My favorite for Chicago is still D’Eriq King. I’ll explain why when I cover more later.