The Chicago Bears could be Super Bowl contenders if Matt Nagy did this

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Could George McCaskey actually step in and push for a change?

Based on Dianna Russini’s reporting, the Bears Chairman just might ask Ryan Pace to talk to some of the players on offense about their problems. If this happens, that would add lots of fuel to this growing fire. There is no way to get confirmation of George McCaskey coming away from the Titans game with smoke coming out of his ears. However, it is not hard to imagine that the Bears Chairman feels the same way as most Bears fans feel about Nagy’s play calling.

After seeing how well the Bears contained Derrick Henry, he most likely sees a championship defense being wasted by a head coach who is not maximizing the talent he has on offense. If the Bears had just done a mediocre job of scoring points they would have beaten the Titans. George McCaskey can, surely, see this as well.

What the Bears’ Chairman has seen since the latter part of the 2018 season is this. Nagy’s pattern is to play it safe for the most part, mixed in with some trick plays. Outside of a few deep shots here and there, he only gets aggressive downfield when he feels he has no other choice. When Nagy challenges his guys on offense, they respond. When he plays it too safe, they lose their edge.

It is an absurdity that a team whose head coach was hired to fix their offense still after two and a half years does not have an obvious offensive identity. If a movie producer read this in a script as a plot device, he would laugh in the writer’s face. Yet that is exactly where we are with this Bears team.