Chicago Bears: 3 Challenges Matt Nagy must overcome to keep his job beyond 2020

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy
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The Chicago Bears head coach is not on the hot seat yet, but it is getting warm

The Chicago Bears are now on a three-game losing streak. After starting the season 5-1, the team now finds themselves one game away from being .500 on the year. We all knew that the team was truly not as good as their record indicated, however a win in the NFL is tough to come by and we had to give them the benefit of finding ways to win.

Now, we must give them harsh criticism as they are finding ways to lose. We all knew that this last three-game stretch was going to be tough for them, but it further proves how great the defense is while also showing how awful the offense is.

The Chicago Bears needed to win one of the last three games but could not find a way to do so. Had they found a way to beat the Saints in overtime, we would feel better about the current situation. The defense has been superb in their losses to the Rams, Saints and Titans, but the offense just cannot move the ball consistently or put points up on the board. This is a major problem that has been happening all season long.

In fact, fans even started calling for Mitch Trubisky to start again as it appeared the offense was more efficient under his control. The opponents Trubisky faced were subpar compared to the Bears last three opponents, making it difficult to know if Trubisky would have made a bit of a difference. It sure seemed his athleticism and ability to scramble would have helped the offense in the game versus the Rams, but Matt Nagy never even gave it a thought. Many fans did.

This seems to be a reoccurring theme when it comes to Matt Nagy. How is it that the fans are seeing things that the head coach is not seeing? This brings me to the first thing that Nagy must do in order to keep his job beyond this 2020 NFL season.