Chicago Bears vs Vikings: What to expect with Bill Lazor calling plays

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Darnell Mooney
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Bill Lazor and the Chicago Bears offense must keep attacking weaknesses

This gets us to the most important decision Bill Lazor needs to make before and during the game. That being, do the complete opposite of what Matt Nagy has been doing up until now in this way. Lazor has to identify what plays are working and shove them down the Vikings’ throat until they figure out a way to stop them.

In a very important way, this Vikings game could mirror the Bears-Saints game. In the second quarter of the Saints game, the Bears went 80 yards for a touchdown in only four plays. These included a 50-yard bomb to Mooney and a 24-yard touchdown pass to Allen Robinson.

After that, Nick Foles threw only three more long passes. I believe Bill Lazor will attack the Vikings secondary. However, unlike Nagy, he will not stop doing this once he scores a touchdown.  At some point in the first half, the Chicago Bears’ new offensive play-caller needs to attack the Vikings secondary deep. If this works well, then we should see more of this throughout the game.

Fortunately, for Bill Lazor and the Bears in his first game at play-caller, he faces a team whose defense has more than a few weaknesses they can exploit. The offensive line will be Lazor’s biggest obstacle to getting his offense on track. However, even if the offensive line does not improve that much with a new play-caller, Lazor can move Foles out of the pocket as well as use RPO’s to get the defenders moving in one direction while Foles goes in another direction.

Bill Lazor has a history of using both RPO’s and rollouts to help out his quarterbacks. Lazor also likes to use shifting formations to help the quarterback read zone or man. All of these tactics are included in Nagy’s offense.