Chicago Bears vs Vikings: What to expect with Bill Lazor calling plays

Chicago Bears (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Ryan Nall
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Can Bill Lazor and the Chicago Bears find a way to establish the run?

If by some miracle the Bears can establish even a modestly successful run game then play action can be used to take full advantage of a vulnerable Vikings secondary. David Montgomery is out. So if Lamar Miller is not ready to play, I believe Ryan Nall is the guy who should get the most carries for the Bears. Nall needs to be the guy because he can actually pass block and the Chicago Bears are going to need to pass the ball to win this game.

That is not to say Lazor shouldn’t use Cordarelle Patterson. However, he must be used to in ways to maximize his talents. The way to do that is you line him up deep in the backfield and pitch him the ball. He is big and has great acceleration so when he hits the line of scrimmage he is hard to take down and can hit holes in the defense quickly.

I have often suggested you also put Patterson deep in the backfield and then let him go long. By the time he gets to a cornerback, he should be able to run past him with his amazing acceleration abilities. You can either fake pitch the ball to him or just let his 22 miles-per-hour speed put maximum pressure on the secondary.

Pitching Patterson the ball from deep in the backfield is what the Patriots discovered works best for him. Nagy tried to reinvent him in a standard running back role and that has not worked out at all.