Chicago Bears: 6 Probable salary-cap cuts if team rebuilds in 2021

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Akiem Hicks could be another Chicago Bears cap casualty

Another player fans would be upset with being cut is Akiem Hicks. Hicks is an anchor on the Chicago Bears defensive line. Without him in the lineup, the team is knocked down a peg or two. This was proven in 2019 when he suffered his elbow injury and even last game versus the Vikings when he was out with a hamstring injury.

Just like Kyle Fuller, the Chicago Bears would be better off trying to trade Hicks. Hicks has a slightly easier contract to absorb than Fullers for a team with plenty of salary-cap space. The draft capital needed for a player like Hicks (must take his age and injuries into account) will be less than Fuller too.

Another option we have yet to discuss is the fact the Chicago Bears could try and extend or restructure contracts for some of these players. Hicks will be in the final year of his contract in 2021 and therefore could be a good extension candidate whereas Fuller might be willing to restructure his. Hicks would account for $12 million dollars in 2021, but his dead cap hit is only $1.5 million. This would save the Bears roughly $10.5 million dollars next season.

That said, if a new general manager replaces Ryan Pace, that new person might decide to cut bait with some of the current roster. Therefore, Hicks will remain as a possible cap casualty, even if we fans would hate to see him go.