Chicago Bears: 3 Changes after the bye that could save the season

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears must make Mitch Trubisky the starter again

It doesn’t matter if Foles is healthy, Mitchell Trubisky should be named the starter immediately. I just wrote a lengthy article describing why I will sum up the points of that article here.

Trubisky brings a spark to this offense that Foles doesn’t. Both Foles and Trubisky struggle with their decision-making and accuracy, but Trubisky can actually run with the football. The Bears have seen too much that the pocket collapses and immobile Foles just takes the sack or panics and throws a duck for an interception.

This isn’t to say Trubisky won’t do that because he will. We have the choice of who gives us the best chance of winning: the 2-0 quarterback or the 2-5 quarterback. Trubisky’s ability to extend plays and maneuver the pocket gives the Bears’ offense more promise than Foles will.

Additionally, this offense is built for Trubisky. Behind this dreadful offensive line, Foles doesn’t have time to throw and can’t move in the pocket. Trubisky can. Trubisky will force a defense to run a QB spy on him opening up more holes in coverage due to his athletic ability.