5 Chicago Bears who should ascend post-bye

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Chicago Bears, Roquan Smith
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2. Roquan Smith

With a couple of rookies and an injured, underperforming player on the list, Roquan Smith is a bit different than the players we have talked about. While we need to see more from the others, it is starting to become clear that Smith has broken out and is becoming an elite NFL linebacker.

It took until the middle of his third season, but he is playing his best football right now. The past five weeks have been the best of his career. On one end, Smith has broken out and proven himself. On the other, you could argue he is just getting started now.

The bye week may have come at a bad time for the blazing hot Smith. Still, he has a good chance to take this week to regroup and come out even stronger to finish the year. If Smith can play his next six games as he has for the previous five, we are looking at a first-team All-Pro performer that has the national audience excited.

Smith has started to make a name for himself, but there is a good chance that the next six weeks are his best yet.