Chicago Bears: Must-watch college players in 2021 (part 2)

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Tackle help is needed for the Chicago Bears, but not as much as a quarterback

The Chicago Bears need offensive line help bad is a comment that is starting to get old. The Bears need a quarterback. One name that might scare people away is Kellen Mond. My best pro comparison for Mond is Mitch Trubisky. Scared yet?

The comparison solely comes from the traits that both quarterbacks have. Mond is athletic, strong-armed, and can throw on the run. The difference as a college prospect is that Mond has four years of starting experience. While most will see that Trubisky completed 67.5% of his passes and Mond has completed only 58.7%. Do not be scared.

Texas A&M does not throw as many screens as North Carolina did when Trubisky and others played there. Mond will test the teams downfield. Mond, as a freshman, completed 51% of his passes. He has improved every year and is currently completing  64% as a senior. While he is not the best fit for Matt Nagy’s pass happy version of the Bears offense, he would fair potentially better than Trubisky at running the Trubisky version of the Bears offense. Honestly, the Trubisky styled offense was a bit better before Nagy stressed throwing the ball more.

That still might have made you throw up in your mouth. Since you likely have checked out my other stuff and have seen my interest in D’Eriq King, let’s get into my other draft sleeper that will go unnoticed and underappreciated because of his size.

Too many quarterbacks get lost because of this size. We bring it up, and people agree, but colleges and NFL scouts still refuse to accept that these smaller guys can ball.  So how about an undersized non-scrambling purer passer. Could Matt Nagy see a bit of him in this kid?