Five things to be thankful for as a Chicago Bears fan

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Bill Murray
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Fame has surrounded the Chicago Bears despite the lack of recent fortune

What is great about the Chicago Bears is just how famous they have become. Even people who are not fans of watching the NFL know who the Bears thanks to Bill Swerski’s Super Fans skits on Saturday Night Live. Have you heard the bit about Mike Ditka versus a hurricane? Of course, you have. “Da Bears” has become a staple this team still stands by with the fan base.

The team’s fame goes beyond Saturday Night Live. The iconic Clark Griswald Chicago Bears cap worn in the movie “Christmas Vacation” is still coveted by people throughout the country today — even by those who are not true Bears fans.

Beyond that, there are plenty of famous Chicago Bears fans like Bill Murray, Ashton Kutcher and Vince Vaughn. Have you ever seen the show “New Girl”? Jake Johnson’s character Nick Miller is a huge Bears fan and rumors are every episode references “bear” in some way. For fantasy football fans, check out the show “The League”. It takes place in Chicago and has cameo appearances from “Smoking” Jay Cutler himself. This team travels well nationally because of its fame and history.