Five things to be thankful for as a Chicago Bears fan

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The 2021 NFL draft class is exactly what the Chicago Bears ordered

Finally, we found something to be grateful for that does not involve the Chicago Bears history. As this team is struggling at key positions like left and right offensive tackle, plus arguably the most important position, quarterback, the team should be excited and thankful for what looks to be coming in the 2021 NFL Draft.

The 2021 draft class is chock-full of competent quarterbacks like Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and rising star Zach Wilson. However, more importantly, names like Kyle Trask, Mac Jones Trey Lance and Kellen Mond are others who could be available when the Chicago Bears make their selections in the first and/or second round. This means Ryan Pace, or maybe a new general manager does not need to trade the farm to move up for a gunslinger.

As deep as the quarterback class is in next year’s NFL Draft, the offensive line could be even better. CBS has five offensive linemen projected as first-rounders and 13 offensive linemen ranked within their top 50. This is really good news as the Chicago Bears need to replace not only Bobby Massie at right tackle, but also Charles Leno at left tackle. Finding rookie offensive tackles who could start next year will be difficult, but the team must land at least one competent tackle.

I know the Chicago Bears will likely screw things up somehow, but we should at least be thankful (and hopeful) that the team at least lucks into a great new quarterback and starting offensive tackle in the 2021 NFL Draft.