Five things to be thankful for as a Chicago Bears fan

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Lions fans
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Hey, at least we are not Detroit Lions fans

When you cannot find something within to feel grateful about as a Chicago Bears fan, just remember it could be worse. That’s right, we could be Detroit Lions fans. As much as Lions fans like to talk smack about the Chicago Bears on social media, the team continues to be a laughing stock within the NFC North and even the NFL.

The team has never won a Super Bowl and has four Championships throughout history since its inception in 1930. What is worse is that the Lions have only won one — yes only one — playoff game since the team’s last Championship victory in 1957. Yikes, I know. You thought the Chicago Bears have had a drought? Nope, not even close when comparing our beloved franchise to the Lions.

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We must all remember this as we sit around our dinner tables and our computers while video calling family and enjoying Thanksgiving the best we can during this crazy year called 2020. We must specifically remember how bad Lions fans have it and smile a little smirk as they likely lose once again on Thanksgiving — this time to the Houston Texans. This is all we can do as our favorite team likely falters versus the Packers once again this week.

Remain thankful despite the poor season and Happy Thanksgiving the Bear Goggles On team.