Chicago Bears: The keys to Mitch Trubisky beating the Packers

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Chicago Bears, Mitch Trubisky

Chicago Bears (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

The Chicago Bears must look to help Mitch Trubisky beat the Packers

Matt Nagy named Mitch Trubisky the starter for the Sunday night matchup with the Green Bay Packers. Many Chicago Bears fans wanted this change, some hate it, but all Bears fans are hoping it leads to a vital Bears victory.

The good news is that there is possibly a way to fix Mitch Trubisky on the fly so he can fix the Bears’ bumbling offense. Mitch lost his job for two main reasons. He was inconsistent with his accuracy and he did not read defenses well enough. If the Bears coaches take a bold step, they can immediately start improving Trubisky in the Packers game and throughout the rest of the season.

It is important to note that it is not a matter of Mitch being unable to read defenses or being unable to have good enough mechanics to complete passes — including difficult ones. It has been a matter of consistency.

Hopefully, presumably, Trubisky and his coaches have been doing their due diligence and working with him to improve his capacity to read defenses. Learning to read defenses is not rocket science but it does take a lot of studying and memorization off the field and lots of repetitions on the field. I believe what really drives Bears fans the craziest about Trubisky was when he missed wide-open targets that blew big plays that ultimately, sabotaged potential victories.

The main reason for these big misses was always his footwork. The main reason for his poor footwork was that his coaches did not do enough planning and follow through to ensure he created muscle memory in his footwork.

However, there is still a way the Bears coaches can atone for this unforgivable oversight. It is unforgivable because having good mechanics is “quarterbacking 101”. For example, Mike Martz when he took over as the Bears offensive coordinator, immediately went to work on Jay Cutler‘s mechanics even though he already had four years experience in the NFL.

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