Chicago Bears: The keys to Mitch Trubisky beating the Packers

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Mitch Trubisky always seems to come up big in the clutch

As mentioned earlier, Mitch Trubisky does not get enough credit for the numerous great throws he has made. In fact, Mitch Trubisky has a trait that the best quarterbacks have. He is at his best when the pressure is the highest. The fourth quarter of the 2018 playoff game is the best example of this and there are quite a few other examples outside of this one.

If Cody Parkey does not, infamously, blow a 43-yard field goal, Trubisky has a comeback playoff win on his resume. However, most fans and the media prefer to emphasize his bad throws and bad reads. The bottom line, Mitch Trubisky has to own this because he has made plenty of bad passes and bad reads.

For the record, I wanted Parick Mahomes and was put off by Deshaun Watson‘s 32 interceptions in college so Trubisky was my distant second choice. For those that can’t criticize Ryan Pace enough for passing on Mahomes and Watson, they keep overlooking an important part of Pace and the Bear’s scouting. That is that there has been a shocking disconnect between Trubisky being an accurate passer in college and an inaccurate passer in the NFL.

Here is my take on why this phenomenon occurred. Trubisky probably threw the vast majority of his passes in the short to medium range. Precise footwork is not essential to be accurate at these shorter ranges. Trubisky got away with sloppy footwork and his coaches let him do it both in college and in Chicago.

I recently read about an old coach saying that fits Trubisky’s problems. If you are not coaching it you are allowing it. This slip in the cracks by Bears coaches and Trubisky himself has quite possibly sabotaged his career.