Chicago Bears: 3 Areas Mitch Trubisky must prove to earn another contract

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Ultimately, Mitch Trubisky must show Chicago Bears fans he can be accurate

The most frustrating thing about Mitchell Trubisky is his accuracy. Accuracy was one of his strengths coming out of college, and he showed early on his short to mid-throw accuracy could be elite. He was never able to demonstrate deep ball accuracy, so teams would be able to sit on the shorter throws, which would cause the offense massive trouble at developing a rhythm or find success all of last season.

Even on open throws, it seems his mechanics and form would not allow him to get the ball cleanly to create space for receivers to make a play. It is very unfortunate because with his athleticism if he had better arm talent, he could have been exceptional. There have been glimpses of that elite touch, as we have seen some awesome throws over the years.

Still, he has to be able to consistently hit open receivers. A deciding factor in his benching was a missed play early on against the Falcons in which he missed a wide-open receiver on a deep route. The coaches were fed up with his constant inability to hit those long throws. You see quarterbacks like Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Patrick Mahomes making these long throws look easy, and wonder why Trubisky cannot do that. Unfortunately, he does not have the elite arm strength, but he can still sling it.

If he can show a better touch and more accuracy, even if it is a little bit better, he could potentially earn himself a contract next year. He is super mobile and can kill a team with his ability to escape the pocket and run if he has to. Still, teams need to see arm talent so they can trust him to make throws. Keeping the gameplan simple and letting him get into a rhythm with no-huddle and a fast-paced offense can help him a lot.

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Mitch Trubisky has a long way to go to put himself into consideration to be a starter on an NFL team next year, but he has a legitimate shot to now that he is the new starter in Chicago. He will have to show teams he has improved as a leader and decision-maker and is more accurate on all throws. If he does all of that, he could be in talks with NFL teams over the offseason, and maybe even the Bears if he really shows out.