Chicago Bears: How the defense is hurting this franchise

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Chicago Bears, Patrick Mahomes
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Let’s look at the past 15 Super Bowl winners

When looking throughout history, it is easy to see some trends. One thing that stands out is the quarterback position. While reviewing the past 15 Super Bowls, 13 of those teams, arguably 14, have been led by future Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

That list of QB’s includes Ben Roethlisberger (2), Peyton Manning (2), Eli Manning (2), Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Russel Wilson, Tom Brady (3), and most recently Patrick Mahomes. Some might argue that Nick Foles deserves to head to Canton, but only time will tell. [Editor’s Note: Foles should not be able to step foot in Canton — not even to visit the Hall of Fame]

As for the last guy out of the 15, Joe Flacco even took care of business. Some people forget that he was the second quarterback to ever throw 11 touchdowns without an interception during that epic postseason run. With that being said, franchise quarterbacks are hard to find.

They’re even harder to find if your team is the Chicago Bears. Since 2001, The Bears have had 24 different quarterbacks start a game. In that time span, they have competed for only one Super Bowl (2006) and we all know how that ended. They had an incredible defense and the best kick returner of all time, but it wasn’t enough to carry their pathetic offense.

14 seasons later and it’s the same problem for the Chicago Bears. A great defense, a great returner, and a bottom 5 offense. If finding a franchise quarterback was so easy, everyone would have one. My problem with the Bears is that it’s almost like they have never truly tried to get their guy. They haven’t prioritized the most important position in the game.