5 reasons Ryan Pace cannot be trusted with Chicago Bears offseason

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3. Trading away depth

Ryan Pace is aggressive and you have to love it. Ryan Pace is also too aggressive and it has started to get annoying. The guy cannot go a draft without sacrificing assets to move up. The issue is that he is 50/50 on hitting players when he moves up, and the pieces he gives away are starting to add up.

The Chicago Bears have a depth issue. They have no depth on the line, their defense has little depth and we know their skill players are not deep. This is correlated to the fact that Pace consistently trades away draft assets. Draft picks are long-term investments that are made to fill the roster.

Pace can hit on starters in the later rounds, but cannot fill a roster with the depth needed to stay competitive. The cupboard is bare and the depth has followed. Nobody is to blame for this but Ryan Pace.