5 Chicago Bears with most on the line with 5 weeks to play

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Chicago Bears, Allen Robinson
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3. Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson wants to get paid. Nobody can be mad at that. However, it is becoming more and more clear that this will not happen in Chicago. While Robinson is not going to lose money in the way that Skrine and Graham will, there is still money on the line in the final five games.

Teams will pay Robinson, but if every dollar counts, then every yard and touchdown counts. Every big rep against tight coverage counts. Every wow-play with a bad quarterback goes a long way in him cashing in big-time this offseason.

However, there are things that will cost him money. More drops in tight coverage, and more out and open frustration that will make teams question whether to pay him. Do the New York Giants want a player on social media or showing clear frustrations after the Odell Beckham debacle? Even if Robinson does not want to go there, that is a team that will drive up the offers.

A poor final five games will cost him, while a strong final five will have him cashing in big time.