Chicago Bears: 6 Observations heading into Week 13 vs the Lions

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The Chicago Bears will have a tough decision to make with the 2021 NFL Draft

There is an intriguing factor that would enable the complete positive transformation of the offensive line to take place by 2021. The Chicago Bears are expected to draft in the middle of the draft order. As it turns out, the sweet spot in the middle of the 2021 draft for getting maximum value at a premium position is picking a left tackle. The Bears will have to make a very difficult choice between drafting a quarterback or left tackle with their first pick.

The bust potential for a mid-first-round quarterback is going to be quite high as it is in most drafts. However, the bust potential for the quarterbacks in the middle of the draft order is going to be higher than normal. The reason is these quarterbacks will not have started that many games in college before they become professionals.

This also happens to be a big reason why Mitch Trubisky was such a high-risk draft pick in his draft. Then you have the left tackle options in the middle of the first round. There will be multiple options at this premium position. At least one or two of them have a very good chance to be very good left tackles.