Chicago Bears: Offseason blueprint to guarantee a Super Bowl

Chicago Bears (Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears will see success for years if they follow this blueprint

The Chicago Bears are stuck in a rut of mediocrity. The team has made it to the playoffs only twice in the last decade (2010 and 2018). In fact, since 2000, the Chicago Bears have only made the playoffs five times. Five times in 20 years is not something anyone within the organization should feel good about and I applaud all of the Bears fans who have stuck by this franchise despite no signs of sustained success and growth.

What Chicago Bears fans are upset about is watching this team reach success once every few seasons. If not for the Detroit Lions, this team would be the laughing stock of the NFC North. The Fox broadcast showed stats of how many postseason wins each franchise has had since 1958. The Lions were at the bottom of the list with only one, but the Bears only had 11. Not good when you think about how historic this team is and how that includes the 1963 and 1985 seasons.

NOTE: Maybe after the loss yesterday to the Lions, the Bears are barely ahead of them now as the laughing stock. Wow, what a horrible showing.

Many Bears fans want to see the McCaskey’s sell the team. That is not going to happen, so just stop with that wish now. Some are hoping that Virginia McCaskey steps aside in hopes the team takes a leap similarly to how the Blackhawks found success after Bill Wirtz passed away and Rocky Wirtz took over. I do not think anyone wants to see Virginia McCaskey pass away, but George McCaskey clearly feels her presence despite his role as Chairman.

If we are going to see the Chicago Bears finally turn things back around in a way we have not seen since George “Papa Bear” Halas was in charge, then many drastic changes need to take place. Bear Goggles On lays out a blueprint for this franchise to follow if they want to stop being mediocre and vault themselves into the conversation with teams like the Packers, Patriots, Chiefs and Seahawks.