Chicago Bears: It is time to clean house at Halas Hall

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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy
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Matt Nagy needs to be fired

After coming in as this offensive guru, Nagy has failed horribly. I’ve already written a piece discussing the three major ways he failed as a head coach, so I will sum up the best way I can here while keeping it short and sweet.

His scheme is horrible. He doesn’t scheme to his players. He hates to go for it on fourth down. He is a passive head coach. His playcalling is horrible which led him to hand it off to Bill Lazor.

So, what does he do well? Well, apparently he has a good culture? I don’t think he will after this six-game losing streak. If that is the only thing he does well, he is not a good head coach.

Nagy also failed in the department of developing Trubisky. With Trubisky’s major flaws, he has not shown any improvement in any of those flaws since Nagy came in to develop him. Trubisky still has sloppy footwork, can’t read a defense, and has trouble with the deep ball. Think that it is all Trubisky’s fault? Well, Nagy got his guy in Nick Foles and Foles is apparently worse in this offense than Trubisky.

After having Vic Fangio and his defense carry him in 2018 to a 12-4 season, Nagy is now 13-15 since Fangio left. Now, we have seen the true Nagy after he has blamed everybody else and nothing has changed. He fired his staff last season and got his quarterback. Then, why do we still suck? Nagy needs to be gone.