Chicago Bears: Three positives from Sunday’s loss to the Lions

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Change may finally come from ownership

The Ryan Pace/Matt Nagy duo has received a lot of heat this season. The criticism is justified, as both Pace and Nagy’s decisions have cost the Chicago Bears many times over.

With this loss to the Lions, there may finally be serious conversations to remove these two. Both Nagy and Pace’s job security was riding on the success of the season. It seems less and less likely these two will be sticking around in Chicago.

Of course, should the team could 9-7 and make the playoffs, dramatic change may not be immediate. If the team had beaten Detroit, this idea to fire both Nagy and Pace wouldn’t have any traction. Yet the team losing to a team who fired both their head coach and general manager should be a clear sign of the ineptitude and failure this duo has been.

It’s not even just those two that may soon leave the organization. According to ESPN 1000’s own David Kaplan, the Bears president Ted Phillips may retire after the season. Phillips has been with the Bears since 1984.

This could allow the team to hire a new president, someone who is knowledgeable who could truly oversee the franchise and begin fixing the problems within it.

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A clean house would certainly be a surprising move. The Bears loss last Sunday is the first step in this becoming a reality. While the positives of a new front office and head coach aren’t guaranteed, it would mean the Bears acknowledge the mistakes of these recent years and wish to fix them for the future.