Chicago Bears fans, we must have this discussion about the future

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Errors and cockiness have cost the team

The Chicago Bears drafted two unknown players in the seventh round that could focus on the Bear’s weakest link on offense (offensive tackle). I am ready to admit that maybe NFL teams nowadays can’t win with championship-level defense. The defenses seem to be too inconsistent, and at the end of the day, Patrick Mahomes can get hot even in a defensive struggle and pull out the win.

However, if we are saying that NFL teams can’t win because of their defenses, why are we sold on slow shifty running backs. Yes, I am going there. David Montgomery is fun to watch but should not be confused for the elite.

Regardless of the offensive line, great running backs find a way. I will bring up Barry Sanders. I can’t say that the Detriot Lions did not have an offensive line when he was there, but they did not have as much as people think. Lomas Brown was the bright spot at left tackle, and Kevin Glover was basically what James Daniels has been so far.

My point is great running backs make up for average offensive linemen. “Speed kills” is something Tom Rabas says every time Dalvin Cook is in the open field. David Montgomery is a great worker, but he is missing one of the most important things a running back needs — speed.

Explosive run plays commonly will occur because of speed. With shorts and a t-shirt on, David Montgomery ran around 21.2 MPH during the NFL Combine according to relative athletic score. Derrick Henry, on his 94-yard touchdown run with full gear on, ran 21.62 MPH. Dalvin Cook, on his 75-yard touchdown run, ran 20.39 MPH.

It is no surprise that three of the top five NFL leading rushers are fast. Three of the top four have a 70-yard run on the season. I am not calling Montgomery a bust, but we need to be realistic about what he can become. What he brings in the passing game is truly the special thing about him.