Chicago Bears: What to do if the team decides to fire everybody

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The Chicago Bears need a hard-nosed trench leader

The Chicago Bears need a leader, and that starts at the top. Jerry Jones has been known to chase off winning leaders, and the Chicago Bears clearly did just that with Vainisi. Vainisi’s first draft pick as the Chicago Bears general manager was Jimbo Covert. What a draft class that became as well.

Willie Gault, Tom Thayer, and Richard Dent were also in that draft class. Wilber Marshall and Ron Rivera were added the following season in the 1984 draft class. William Perry and Kevin Butler were added to the Chicago Bears in 1985. Sometimes a leader is not going to be your best friend, but good ones will find success.

Ted Phillips might have made a mistake by hiring someone he got along with over the actual plan to turn the Chicago Bears into a dominant winner. The next person to lead this team does not need to be a friendly face or nice, and they have a job to do. That leader needs to hire a true head coach.

That head coach does not need to be offensive mind over defenses or vice versa. That head coach needs to be a leader of men. Tough love is not something that needed to be forced by Buddy Ryan or Mike Ditka. It is a new generation in the NFL where master schemers succeed but ultimately, great coaching will always prevail.

When I think of great coaches, I think of the Dallas Cowboys. Bill Parcels had most of his wins with the New York Giants but has developed a commonly used criterion that needs to be used more when drafting quarterbacks. Jimmy Johnson, who wasn’t overly friendly with owner Jerry Jones won multiple Super Bowls and likely would have won more had Jones just let Johnson continue to do what he was doing.

Before there was Bill Belichick, there was Tom Landry. Landry won 60% of his games, 13 division-winning seasons, five Super Bowl appearances, and two Super Bowl victories. I grew up with my mother being a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan. That is great coaching.