Chicago Bears: 6 Players who should survive a rebuild

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The Chicago Bears might be headed toward a full-blown rebuild, but who stays?

2020, has not been kind to the Chicago Bears. Coming into this season, you can make the argument that this was a team with playoff aspirations. Injuries, poor coaching, and an awful offense have completely hampered this team.

Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy may be counting down their days left with the organization. While nothing has come out publicly the writing may be on the wall for these two, given how poor this season has gone for this team.

I have not been a fan of Ryan Pace since day one and I was very against giving him the extension after the 2018 season. While I do understand the reasoning given the success of that season, you could tell that it wasn’t going to be easy to replicate that success.

Since 2018 the team has seemingly gotten worse each year. The offense, in particular, has been dreadful and this is the expertise of Matt Nagy which doesn’t paint him in a great light. Ryan Pace has had more than his fair share of miscues as well.

Whether it’s missing on his first-round picks or completely failing to identify the QB position, not just Trubisky but also signing Mike Glennon and trading for Nick Foles. The Chicago Bears have had a rough go these past few years and changes may very well be on the horizon.

I personally think the team would be smart to go in a new direction because clearly, what they have been doing just isn’t working. Also, the team needs to get a new QB and I don’t think Ryan Pace should be the one to make that decision.