Chicago Bears: 6 Players who should survive a rebuild

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Eddie Jackson, Chicago Bears
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Eddie Jackson should be a player on the Bears for many years to come

Eddie Jackson is a phenomenal safety and should be recognized as one of the best safeties on this Chicago Bears team. You can call him a poor tackler if you want too but to act like he is not a key piece of this Bears defense would be foolish.

At the start of 2020, the Bears gave Jackson a five year, 58 million dollar extension, effectively making him the highest-paid safety in the league. This contract keeps Jackson as a Bear through the 2024 season. The team could certainly move on from Eddie if they need to, but he has proven to be an elite safety, and I think the Bears should keep him around.

Jackson is arguably the best ball-hawking safety in the entire NFL, who also has an eye for the endzone. Since being drafted in 2017 Eddie has 10 picks and three defensive touchdowns. His play has taken a dip in 2020 but so has the Bears defense as a whole.

So far in 2020, Eddie has failed to register any interceptions in a pretty talented secondary that this team has. I wouldn’t let his lack of turnover production worry me if I was running the team because Eddie is a spark-plug type of guy who brings a lot of energy to the game and can flip the field on any given play.