Chicago Bears: 6 Players who should survive a rebuild

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Darnell Mooney, Chicago Bears
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Darnell Mooney has been one of the few bright spots on the Bears

Darnell Mooney has been an absolute steal for the Chicago Bears, after being drafted in the fifth round of this past year’s draft. Mooney has played in every game for Chicago this season and has been neck and neck with Anthony Miller for the number two receiver spot.

With Allen Robinson most likely leaving the Bears after this year, expect Mooney to play an even bigger role in the offense beyond 2020. To be quite honest, Darnell Mooney is the only WR on this Bears squad I would consider moving forward long-term with.

I do like Anthony Miller but his inconsistencies have been quite frustrating to watch over the years. His production is also pretty replaceable, Miller is still under contract through next season but being on his rookie-deal makes him very easy to move on from if Chicago would like to.

I don’t know if Mooney will ever reach number one WR status but I think his skill-set is good enough to make him reliable number two at the least. Mooney may lack size at his position but he has great speed that can take the top off of a defense. He also has proven to be an underrated route-runner, his game against Jalen Ramsay and the Rams shows this.